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Here you can find different versions of the delicious beverage from Mexico. Mezcal is the general category to which Tequila belongs - just like the Whiskey category, which also has sub-categories such as Bourbon, Rye etc.

Mezcal is made from agave, but there are many different species - up to 28 to 30 different. Below is the Blue Agave (Agave Tequiliana Weber), which is the type to be used for the production of tequila according to the restrictions, the so-called Denomination de Origin.
  • Blanco is a clear / white tequila that is not dish-aged and therefore has strong agave aroma and freshness.
  • Reposado is stored on wooden casks for at least 2 months and up to 12 months. The individual manufacturer therefore chooses himself within the range. Reposado is the preferred type of tequila in Mexico
  • Anejo means old and an anejo is at least stored on wooden casks for 12 months and up to 36 months. These tequilas are softer and rounder, but with less agave aroma.
  • Extra Anejo is, as its name suggests, an anejo, which is extra dish stored, which means that the tequila has been at minimum wooden barrels for 36 months. These tequilas are only available in limited quantities