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Laphroaig Whisky

Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Owner:                            Region/district:                       

Beam Global                     Islay

Spirits & Wine

Founded:    Status:          Capacity:

1810            Active (vc)     2 900 000 litres

Address: Port Ellen, Islay, Argyll PA42 7DU

Tel:                         website:

01496 302418 


1810 – Brothers Alexander and Donald Johnston found Laphroaig.

 1815 – Official year of starting.

 1836 – Donald buys out Alexander and takes over operations.

 1837 – James and Andrew Gairdner found Ardenistiel a stone’s throw from Laphroaig.

 1847 – Donald Johnston is killed in an accident in the distillery when he falls into a kettle of boiling hot burnt ale. The Manager of neigh-bouring Lagavulin, Walter Graham, takes over.

 1857 – Operation is back in the hands of the Johnston family when Donald’s son Dugald takes over.

 circa 1860 – Ardenistiel Distillery merges with Laphroaig.

1877 – Dugald, being without heirs, passes away and his sister Isabella, married to their cousin Alexander takes over.

1907 – Alexander Johnston dies and the distillery is inherited by his two sisters Catherine Johnston and Mrs. William Hunter (Isabella Johnston).

1908 – Ian Hunter arrives in Islay to assist his mother and aunt with the distillery.

1924 – The two stills are increased to four.

1927 – Catherine Johnston dies and Ian Hunter takes over.

1928 – Isabella Johnston dies and Ian Hunter becomes sole owner.

1950 – Ian Hunter forms D. Johnston & Company

1954 – Ian Hunter passes away and management of the distillery is taken over by Elisabeth “Bessie” Williamson, who was previously Ian Hunters PA and secretary. She becomes Director of the Board and Managing Director.

1967 – Seager Evans & Company buys the distillery through Long John Distillery, having already acquired part of Laphroaig in 1962. The number of stills is increased from four to five.

1972 – Bessie Williamson retires. Another two stills are installed bringing the total to seven.

1975 – Whitbread & Co. buys Seager Evans (now renamed Long John International) from Schenley International.

1989 – The spirits division of Whitbread is sold to Allied Distillers.

1991 – Allied Distillers launches Caledonian Malts. Laphroaig is one of the four malts included.

1994 – HRH Prince Charles gives his Royal Warrant to Laphroaig. Friends of Laphroaig is founded.

1995 – A 10 year old cask strength is launched.

2001 – 4,000 bottles of a 40 year old, the oldest-ever Laphroaig, are released.

2004 – Quarter Cask, a mix of different ages with a finish in quarter casks (i. e. 125 litres) is launched.

2005 – Fortune Brands becomes new owner.

2007 – A vintage 1980 (27 years old) and a 25 year old are released.

2008 – Cairdeas, Cairdeas 30 year old and Triple Wood are released.

2009 – An 18 year old is released.

2010 – A 20 year old for French Duty Free and Cairdeas Master Edition are launched.

2011 – Laphroaig PX and Cairdeas - The Ileach Edition are released.

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