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  • Kaseda 30 year Aged Corn Shochu from Japan
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972715
    Kaseda 30 Year Aged Corn Shochu - Japanese Spirits The Bansei Shuzou distillery was established in 1889 in the Minami-Satsuma area, which is known as the "Shochu capital".
    Kaseda Shochu is distilled on card and then aged for 30 years in oak barrels, which has created a mild and sweet taste of soft honey.

    It can certainly be enjoyed neat, but try adding a little water/danish water. Perfect with Japanese dishes, especially tempura and grilled fish. Distillery: Bansei Shuzou DistilleryName: Kaseda 30 Corn SHochu Country: Japan Age: 30 years Type: Shochu Alc. strength: 34% 70 cl. Other: Includes cardboard box.
    • 1pcs.