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Friedrichs Gin


Friedrichs Gin from Germany

  • Friedrichs Gin from Germany
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    Friedrichs Gin


    Try it with lime

    From Germany comes Friedrichs Gin at 45%. Handcrafted in micro-batches at the Steinhagen distillery, which has been in operation since 1766. Made with 13 ingredients - including rosemary, star anise, jasmine flower, lavender flower and fresh juniper berriesFriedrichs Gin is a so-called "Old School" gin that is packed with many other flavors than just juniper berries. It is rare that such a different gin comes on the market that stands out so strongly with an intense and delicious sweetness as Friedrichs Gin. The bottle stands out on the shelf with a super nice design and great taste - Distillery: Friedrichs Gin- Botanicals: Juniper berries rosemary, jasmine, lavender, coriander seeds, licorice, anise etc. - Country: Germany - Type: London Dry Gin - Alc. strength: 45% - 70 cl. - Recommended Tonic Water: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic - Recommended Garnish: A slice of lime
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