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Tobago Gold


Tobago Gold

In 2004, Tobago Gold acquired "La Caurita," a 400-hectare traditional cocoa plantation in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the following years, they invested in and developed "La Caurita," and as their love for Caribbean chocolate grew, they also learned the art of making chocolate "from bean to bar" from the world's leading chocolate experts.

In 2019, they began experimenting with combining two of their favorite flavors, Caribbean rum and cocoa, to create the perfect alcoholic beverage that could satisfy both their love for chocolate and their love for rum. A year later, after numerous tests and trials in their kitchen, the team succeeded in creating the masterpiece blend now known as "Tobago Gold," using the finest selection of natural cocoa, 100% Caribbean rum, and spice flavors to bring this delicious traditional Caribbean taste to life. And the rest is history.

The brand was founded in 2020, and their dedicated team is passionate about producing Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream. A treasure characteristic of the Caribbean, made with love by Tobago Gold - to share with the rest of the world.
  • Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream Liqueur 50 cl 17%
    Item no.: 059763-615-980
    Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream Liqueur 50 cl 17%

    Tobago Gold, the Caribbean chocolate rum cream liqueur, produced in Trinidad and Tobago.
    A drink inspired by the best their island has to offer - the cocoa beans, the spices, and their creativity. All blended into an experience that brings the same joy as their world-famous carnivals.

    The finest cocoa beans from their own plantation mixed with a delicious Caribbean rum - it can't go wrong. Incredibly intense and delicious flavor - there's no doubt that we're talking top quality here.

    Distillery: Tobago Gold
    Name: Chocolate
    Age: NA
    Type: Rum Cream Liqueur
    Alc. strength: 17 %
    50 cl.
    • 1pcs.