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Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole is only produced from 100% fresh sugar cane juice, vesou, unlike traditional / industrial rum made on the by-product of cane sugar, molasses. The French Rhum Agricole is produced exclusively in the French West Indies, ie. the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Marie Galente. The dark rhum is called Rhum Vieux and the white Rhum Blanche. French Rhum Agricole is drier than traditional space. According to French legislation, Rhum Vieux is at least 3 years old and Rhum Blanche is preferably 1 year. The climate in the Caribbean means that rum matures 3 times faster than, for example, whiskey and cognac. If you think the French Rhum Agricole is too dry, it can be sweetened with a little cane sugar syrup.