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Ørbæk Craft Beer


Ørbæk Craft Beer

  • Ørbæk Bryggeri Organic Walnut Stout 50 cl 10%
    Item no.: 059763-615-283

    Two traditional and family-owned breweries, Ørbæk Brewery (1906) and Ærø Brewery (1926), have come together to develop this beer, drawing inspiration from both breweries. The beer is a stout fermented with yeast from both Ørbæk and Ærø. It is subsequently aged in whisky casks from Nyborg Distillery, owned by the same family as Ørbæk Brewery, and infused with walnuts, for which Ærø Brewery is known.

    The result is a round, full-bodied, dark, and robust beer with a beautiful brown foam and flavors of walnut, coffee, roasted malts, licorice, with fine, sweet notes of whisky, banana, and oak.

    Brewery: Ørbæk
    Name: Valnød Stout (Walnut Stout)
    Type: Stout
    Alc. strength: 10 %
    50 cl.
    Other: Organic

    Expiration date: 27/09/2033
    • 1pcs.
  • Ørbæk Bygvin Øl Ørbæk Brewery Limited Edition Danish Beer
    Item no.: 222278555487-2214
    Ørbæk Barley Wine Beer Ørbæk Brewery Limited Edition Danish Beer 75 cl 12% Barley Wine is a beer with the alcoholic strength and character of a wine. A full-bodied and warming beer in which you can taste the malt as the only base for the alcohol. The hops in this beer contribute fresh notes of passion and citrus fruits as well as a hint of dark berries and pine needles. This is complimented by an oak aging that provides notes of nuts and vanilla from both the wood itself and the heat treatment of the wood. The beer is also rich in tannins that come from both the hops and the oak, giving the beer a depth only found in wood-aged wines. Try it with flavorful red meat dishes, game or well-seasoned stews. Brewery: Ørbæk Name: Ørbæk Barley Wine - Vintage Barley Wine Type: Strong Ale Alc. strength: 12% 75 cl. Other: Long shelf life
    • 1pcs.
  • Ørbæk Symbiostout 2023 Limited Edition Danish Stout Beer 75 cl 10%
    Item no.: 059763-615-547

    Strong and potent stout, rounded to perfection in whisky barrels, with a splash of organic black coffee liqueur developed with Nyborg Destilleri. A must for beer enthusiasts and other people with good taste. A powerful flavor explosion of coffee, roasted malts, licorice and tobacco, thankfully rounded out with the sweetness of the malt and the maturation of many months in whiskey and bourbon barrels. Every year a new variant is produced.
    Due to the high alcohol content, the product can be stored for many years to come. Products with at least 10% alcohol have no best before date.

    Try it with smoked food, BBQ, pulled pork, dark stews. Strong tasting desserts like cheesecake, chocolate cake and dark berries.

    Brewery: Ørbæk
    Name: Ørbæk Symbiostout 2023
    Year: Bottled: 11/05/2023
    Type: Stout Beer
    Alc. strength: 10 %
    Number of bottles: 2800 pcs.
    75 cl.
    • 1pcs.