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Canadian Club Whisky


Canadian Club Whisky

Canadian Club Whisky is a well-known Canadian whisky brand with a rich history. Here are some key points about Canadian Club:


  • Canadian Club was established by Hiram Walker in 1858 in Walkerville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Hiram Walker, an American businessman and entrepreneur, played a significant role in the development of the Canadian whisky industry.
  • The distillery's location in Walkerville was strategic, as it had access to the Great Lakes for shipping and the nearby Detroit River.


  • Canadian Club is a blended whisky, which means it is a mix of different types of whiskies. The blend often includes a base of corn whisky and may incorporate rye, barley, and other grains.
  • The production process typically involves distillation in continuous column stills, contributing to the smooth and light characteristics of Canadian whisky.
  • Canadian Club is known for its commitment to a consistent and approachable flavor profile.


  • One of the notable innovations associated with Canadian Club is the use of blended whisky. The brand gained popularity during Prohibition in the United States when it became a preferred choice for smugglers due to its smooth taste.
  • Canadian Club 6 Year Old was the first whisky to receive approval from the U.S. government to be sold as a "medicinal spirit" during Prohibition.


  • Canadian Club whiskies are typically aged for a minimum period before being bottled. The aging process contributes to the development of flavors and the smoothness of the final product.

Notable Variants:

  • Canadian Club offers a range of variants to cater to different preferences. Some of the popular expressions include Canadian Club 100% Rye, Canadian Club 12 Year Old, and Canadian Club Classic 12.


  • Canadian Club has left a lasting legacy in the whisky world and has been recognized with numerous awards for its quality and craftsmanship.
  • The brand's distinct square bottle design, introduced in the late 19th century, has become iconic and is still associated with Canadian Club today.

Canadian Club continues to be a well-regarded choice for whisky enthusiasts, known for its smoothness, approachability, and historical significance in the Canadian whisky landscape.

  • Canadian Club 1858 Original Imported Blended Canadian Whiskey 40% Canadian Club 1858
    Item no.: 22227865368-3
    Distillery: Canadian Club Age: min. 6 years Type: Blended Canadian Whisky Alc. strength: 40 % 70 cl. Other: 1858 Original - Imported
    • 1pcs.
  • Canadian Club 1968 Old Version Blended Canadian Whisky 40% ABV
    Item no.: 505955555-889632
    Canadian Club 1968 Old Version Blended Canadian Whisky 40% Canadian Club from 1968, an old version bottled by Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery: Canadian Club Age: 6 years Type: Blended Canadian Whisky Alc. strength: 40% 70 cl. Other: Old Version - 1968 is written on the label
    • 1pcs.
  • Canadian Club Classic 12 years Small Batch Blended Canadian Whisky
    Item no.: 22227865368-208
    Canadian Club Classic 12 years old Small Batch Blended Canadian Whisky 70 cl 40%

    Canandian Club Classic 12 years has a dark golden yellow color. The aromas are fresh and soft with hints of almonds, nuts and oak barrels. The palette is unique and complex with sweetness, dryness and spice with hints of oak, citrus and vanilla. Enjoy it on the rocks or use it as a mixer in cocktails, such as London CC Churcill, New York Manhattan and Rome Italy Stallion

    Distillery: Canadian Club
    Name: Classic Small Batch
    Age: 12 years
    Country: Canada
    Type: Blended Canadian Whisky
    Alc. strength: 40 %
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Ashtray with Canadian Club whisky logo 2
    Item no.: 22211-100063
    Ashtray with Canadian Club whiskey logo 2 Ashtray, cigerette holder - yes, there are many names for it. We only have 1 of this particular example. This is what we call a Vintage Whiskey Jug ashtray with whiskey logo - so be aware that this is a used ashtray and may have wear and tear.
    • 1pcs.