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Hven Whisky

Hven Backafallsbyn Swedish Whisky

Between Denmark and Sweden - in the middle of the Sound - lies the little island gem Hven, home to one of Sweden's few pot still distilleries. Spirit of Hven is named the charming distillery, located near Tycho Brahe's Observatories and names its organic and well-balanced whiskey after the stars of the Charles

About Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn
Founding of the distillery: 7 May 2008

Owned and operated by: Anja and Henric Molin

The place: Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is both a distillery and a 4-star hotel with its own gourmet restaurant, pub, wine bar and whiskey bar with over 500 whiskeys in the standard range

In addition to organic whiskey, the distillery also produces pot still distilled organic vodka, organic distilled gin, oak-aged organic aquavit, as well as organic Summer Snaps (shelf flower / vodka) and organic Winter Snaps (cinnamon / cloves / vodka).

Approved ecology: Spirit of Hven is certified according to European Ecological Standard, KRAV, NOP with the following sub-approvals