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Baker's Whiskey


Baker's Bourbon Whiskey

Behind Baker's Whiskey stands Edward "Baker" Beam, the son of Carl "Shucks" Beam and the grandson of Park Beam, two legendary distillers at the world-renowned Jim Beam distillery. Baker Beam grew up on the grounds around the Jim Beam distillery and has worked there in a wide range of different jobs since sometime in the 1950s. In 1974, Baker Beam himself became a distiller, and since 1992, he has been producing his own delicious quality whiskey at the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, USA.

According to Baker Beam, it is largely the water quality in the area that makes Baker's whiskey something truly special.
"You can't go to another country or state and find the same water quality that we have here," says Baker Beam on the Baker's Bourbon website, also revealing that he often enjoys a Baker's Beam with a little water.
"Well, I've drunk it a lot with water and also cola. I like a little Baker's with a few drops of water now and then."

If you are a fan of bourbon whiskey, Baker’s is definitely for you. Baker’s Bourbon Whiskey is a remarkably smooth bourbon with an intense flavor of roasted nuts, fruit, and vanilla. The whiskey is perfectly balanced with a fabulous sweet aftertaste that lingers in the mouth for some time. We recommend that you enjoy your Baker’s Whiskey in a cognac glass with a few drops of spring water - as Baker Beam also recommends - but you can also enjoy it with, for example, ginger ale or in a cocktail.