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Ballantine's Whisky

Ballantine's Blended Whisky

Some things are worth waiting for: precious
times with loved ones, joyful socialising
with friends; the warmth of a real fire,
sumptuous dinners and witty repartee.
Christmas is when all these sensual
pleasures converge and have inspired the master
blender at Ballantine’s to create a truly unique whisky
of distinction: Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve.
To be released once a year only, precious
Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve is a creative whisky
with tremendous flair. Staying true to its prestigious
and authentic whisky making roots, it naturally
exudes the spirit of Christmas.
An evocative blend of the finest, aged Scotch
whiskies, the notes and aromas of Ballantine’s
Christmas Reserve conjure sweet wood, dried
fruit, rich raisins, pears and cinnamon. Offering
the balanced, soft, sweet elegance we’ve come to
expect from Ballantine’s, the aged whiskies naturally
burst with fruit, including succulent, tangy orange,
with a gentle finish of liquorice root and ginger.
Deliciously indulgent and contemporary, present your
Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve with a flourish –
among friends or as a very special gift.
Says Sandy Hyslop the master blender at
Ballantine’s: “From its rich deep red appearance to its
wonderfully special, complex and evocative flavours,
I’m incredibly proud of Ballantine’s Christmas
Reserve. There’s nothing out there like it.”