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La Maison du Rhum


La Maison du Rhum

A signature of Dugas, the Maison du Rhum offers consumers rums with an authentic background, distinctive aromatic profiles and a true sense of origin. In addition, each cask was carefully selected with care and precision from each distillery by Dugas and its in-house rum experts.

Each rum was aged and blended in their home country, whether it be Guatemala, Colombia, Guadeloupe, Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Lucie or Reunion Island, and bottled exclusively by Dugas in France.

The range offers a large diversity of aromatic profiles (molasses, sugarcane honey or pure “Agricole” sugarcane juice), with different typicities: French, English & Spanish style rums.

The distinctive labels for the entire range were inspired by vintage rum labels from the collection of a rum enthusiast.

  • La Maison Du Rhum 2007 LMDR Batch 3 Rome
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197280345
    La Maison Du Rhum 2007 LMDR batch 3 has been aged in bourbon barrels with a finish in ex-Fino barrels in Paraguay. The rum has subsequently been bottled at 45% alcohol in 70 cl bottles.

    Bottler: La Maison du RhumVintage: 2007 Age: 13 years Type: Dark rum from Paraguay Alc. strength: 45% 70 cl. Other: Batch #3
    • 1pcs.