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Whisky Distilleries

On this page we've listed all whisky destilleriers in alphabetical order. Here you can read about their histories and see all of their different brands. At you'll find a large assortment from the leading destilleriers of all of the premier whisky nations in the world, especially Scotland, Ireland, the United States, and last but not least Japan, Denmark and the other Nordic countries. Each individual country has their own recipes and traditions which contribute to the fact that every single distillery can produce unique whiskeys with their own taste and features. In Scotland, this is demonstrated by the large difference in the particular traditions each distillery uses, which has resulted in the massive variation between highland and lowland whisky. This same tendency occurs in the US, where there is a large difference between how whisky is produced in the north, south, east, and west.

So if you're not familiar with the different traditions and schools of whisky production, we have put together a detailed overview that can prepare you to immerse yourself in the fantastic world of whisky. If you already have a favorite whisky, you can also use this site to discover new or related whiskeys that you will also enjoy.

In addition to reading about the various destilleriers, we also recommend that you take part in the annual whisky convention if you´re looking for more knowledge about what is happening in the word of whisky. As a VIP member of we can provide an additional number of benefits in connection with the annual convention.