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The Premier Barrel Whisky

The Premier Barrel Whisky

Douglas Laing

Established in 1948 by the father of the two current owner/directors Fred and Stewart Laing, (so nepotism is not dead!), the Glasgow based Douglas Laing & Company has a proud history as an independent scotch whisky business supplying high quality scotch whiskies to a worldwide market.

The Premier Barrel
The tasting notes may be a little over the top – and are a little bit of fun – but the Malts selected for filling into this unique ceramic decanter are taken very seriously. The only single cask Malt in ceramic.

 Returning to the "good old days" of Victorian Music Hall for it's inspiration, our new ceramic decanter goes by the name of PREMIER BARREL, and replicates Scotch Whisky Decanters from the late 1800's. Actually, it also looks like an old fashioned bed-pig, designed to keep you warm on cold winter nights – a job its Malt Selection can still do for you!

Using the terminology of the Music Hall Impresarios who were frequently fond of flashy, flamboyant, flippant and formidable verbosity, we have followed the same formula - suggesting that the label had been written with an old feather quill pen at a high desk, by a lawyers’ clerk – sorry for the ink splatters!

Designed initially for the gift market, it self evidently appeals to the Scotch Malt purist as well.  All bottlings are from single casks "selected single-mindedly and spiritually, yet soberly, in salutary solemnity, whilst sourcing salubrious suitability of the spell-binding spirit - satisfactorily sanctifying a sympathetic susceptibility to serenity from this spectacularly sensuous speciality", as we like to say (on the label).

As far as we know this is the one and only ceramic decanter which carries Single Cask bottling.

Old & Rare
Very old and very rare of non plus ultra are the only criteria for this label. Reputation counts for nothing – only the quality in the selected cask

The Old Malt Cask
Under this label we offer access to over 100 different Malts/ages all traditionally bottled unchill filtered at 50%alc/vol (often referred to in the “old Days” as the Golden Strength)

The Old Malt Cask 20cl
Replicating the sample bottles sent to us by the Distilleries, these wee 20 cl bottles are offered in very limited quantities, from a similarly small selection of Malts.

From sister company McGibbons, the Provenance selection is as quality based and still unchill filtered – but a little younger. Normally bottled from a single cask – occasionally from a “small batch” of two or three – at 46%alc/vol

Provenance 20cl flask
A new addition to the Provenance series is this range of 20cl hipflasks which currently comes in 4 different expressions of the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside and Islay.

Director's Cut
Our newest edition in our range of Single Cask bottlings is Director's Cut. This selection of both Single Malt Whiskies as well as Single Grain Whiskies is bottled at Cask Strength. Macallan 18 years old, Caol Ila 21 years old and Port Dundas 30 years old were among the first to be released.

Douglas of Drumlanrig
Drumlanrig is the home of the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury – Chief of the Lowland dominated DOUGLAS clan selected by our Langside Distillers subsidiary this new range continue its expansion.

Clan Denny Aged Grains
Though often viewed as carrying less character than Malts – once Grains hit our preferred minimum age to release (over 37 years of age) they develop fabulous full, round, fruited character within their nose, palate and finish.

Double Barrel
Initially launched with a selected cask each of Macallan and Laphroaig, more “marriages” (not shotgun!) of the Double Barrel are forthcoming

Big Peat
Is a really big character from Islay – full of fabulously feisty phenolic fundamentals.

The McGibbons Golf Range
The brand which expressly granted us the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement all those years ago. Still a great prize, a welcome gift and great couple of blends for the 19th hole.
  • Dailuaine 10 years old Douglas Laing Premier Barrel Single Speyside Malt Whisky 46%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197279873
    Dailuaine 10 Year Old
    70 cl / 46%
    Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Premier Barrel Ceramic from Douglas Laing
    Douglas Laing's Premier Barrel bottlings are selected from single casks across the whisky regions. This particular expression was distilled at the Dailuaine Distillery and bottled after 10 years. It is one of only 361 decanters filled by hand. Each is bottled exactly the way the distiller intended: Without colouring, or chill-filtration. Curiously packaged in a charming ceramic decanter, these bottlings are alight with alliterative anecdotes, such as this: Prodigiously provisioned to purveyors and proprietors of probity, for an absolute appreciation in abundance. It is ablaze with abiding acceptability with this dazzlingly delicious delectation of the delightful distillate!
    • 1pcs.
  • Speyburn The Premier Barrel 11 Years Single Highland Malt Whisky 70 cl 46%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-19646
    The Premier Barrel 11 Years Single Highland Malt Whisky
    70 cl 46%
    • 1pcs.