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Ruby Spiritz Limoncello


Ruby Spiritz

Ruby Spiritz are vermouth enthusiasts who believe that the world becomes a better place when people come together. They celebrate conversation, hospitality, and openness, convinced that quality and good taste in the glass are the perfect foundation for cozy gatherings with loved ones or meeting someone for the first time.

At Ruby Spiritz, they are good friends who have traveled and tasted their way through various wine and, especially, vermouth regions in Spain and Italy over many years. Therefore, it was natural for them to share their passion and tasting experiences with the Danish people. They started in 2019 by importing a single pallet of vermouth to Denmark and now have their own fantastic organic product range. They have a strong partnership with one of the most traditional distilleries in Italy, producing with local organic ingredients.
  • Ruby Organic Limoncello 70 cl 15%
    Item no.: 059763-615-1025
    Ruby Organic Limoncello 70 cl 15%

    Ruby Organic Limoncello is a delicate drink with fresh citrus notes typical of freshly picked lemons from the Mediterranean coast. It is produced using both the peel and juice of the lemons, giving it a fresher taste than you would expect from a more traditional Limoncello. With only 15% alcohol, it is the perfect choice as a delicious digestif or as a refreshing Limoncello Spritz. A drink that has taken Denmark by storm.

    Producer: Ruby Spiritz
    Type: Limoncello
    Alc. strength: 15 %
    70 cl.
    Other: Organic
    • 1pcs.