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Ximénez-Spinola Brandy


Ximénez-Spinola Brandy

The Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola winery was founded in 1729 by the Spínola, a family of Italian origin that came to the Marco de Jerez region in the early eighteenth century following the Spanish wine exportation boom. Today, the winery is run by José Antonio Zarzana, a member of the ninth generation of the Spínola family.

For many years, the wines of the Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola winery had a great reputation in the English and the Dutch markets. It is important to note, however, that the winery did not sell all the wine that it produced, but only its highest quality barrels. One day, José Antonio´s grandfather had the idea of fortifying the unsold wine, and thus began the history of the Ximénez-Spínola Brandy, one of the most famous and exclusive Brandies produced in Jerez. Currently, the Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola produces 3,000 bottles of Brandy every year, and each one of these bottles is individually numbered and personally signed by José Antonio Zarzana's father, an eighth-generation Spínola often referred to as the “Boss” of the winery.

The fortified and sweet wines of the winery are produced by letting the grapes naturally dry in the sun with rotations every 30 minutes in order to ensure uniform exposure to the sun, along with cautious consideration of their humidity levels from the night before. After this exhaustive process the grapes become naturally concentrated with fructose. This, along with the long ageing in American oak barrels, is how the world renowned fortified and sweet wines of Ximénez-Spínola are made.

To ensure that each bottle reaches the appropriate quality standards, the Ximénez-Spínola winery markets a different amount of bottles every year, depending on the quality of the vintage. Thus, no vintage has ever exceeded 12,000 bottles.

  • Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola Diez Mil Botellas Brandy Sherry
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    The aroma has unmistakable notes of plums and raisins. The taste is smooth with a slight sweetness that hides the alcohol and gives the brandy a pleasant and rounded aftertaste.

    The Ximenez-Spinola winery was founded in 1729 by Phelipe Zarzana Spinola, and from the very beginning it was dedicated to exclusively producing Pedro Ximenez. At the time, the winery bottled the wine under the name Zarzana Spinola, but as this name was a challenge, if not impossible to pronounce in English, a large English customer demanded that they change it to Ximenez - Spinola, which they have since done.
    Today, they still make wines exclusively from Pedro Ximenez, and although they are still very traditional in their vinification, they try to experiment with the grape type so that they don't just make sherry. One example is the Late Harvest, which is the only one of its kind in the district.

    What makes Spinola Brandy Criaderas exceptional is the use of chestnut barrels during the aging process. Until the Spanish Civil War in 1939, there was a tradition of using chestnut barrels in Spain, but as a large part of the forest areas were cut down during the war, the coopers then increasingly switched to using American oak and eventually stopped using chestnut wood altogether. The barrels at Bodegas Spinola are all a minimum of 70 years old and therefore only release a very limited amount of tannin, which gives the brandy a rounder and softer flavor.

    The wine that is distilled is taken from a Solera that was started in 1984. It is distilled on a pot still before the spirit is poured into used chestnut wood barrels where it is aged for a minimum of 12 years

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