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Gold Bar Whiskey


Gold Bar Whiskey Blended Whiskey 

Gold Bar whiskey with Gentle body with notes of honey, fruit and spice  
  • Gold Bar Whiskey Blended Whiskey Gold Bar Bottle Company
    Item no.: 22227865486-222147
    Gold Bar Whiskey is a blended whiskey from the Gold Bar Bottle Company - aged in used vinfade from California, with flavor notes of vanilla, spicy white pepper, clove and creamed caramel and wine notes from the barrel. Enjoy your Gold Bar Whiskey neat or in cocktails like the Old Fashioned. Old Fashioned. Comes in the form of a gold bar weighing almost 2 kilos - all bottles are numbered on the back and will grace any home bar.

    Remember, you can flip out the "Gold Coin" on the front of the bottle when you're done. Distillery: Gold Bar Whiskey Age: NA Type: Blended Whiskey Alc. strength: 40% 100 cl.
    • 78,50