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Element 29 Vodka

Element 29 Vodka

Element 29 is a British vodka distilled from wheat and finished in a copper pot still, hence its name, a reference to copper being atomic number 29 of the 118 known elements. The brand claims to be environmentally friendly due to being supplied in 9.8 liter bag-in-boxes as well as refillable bottles

Described by its makers as being the “world’s greenest green vodka”, Element 29 is an English vodka made from winter wheat harvested in East Anglia. This is transported to Manchester where it is fermented and distilled using a six-column process. The distillate is then sent to Langley Distillery in Warley, near Birmingham where it is redistilled in a copper pot still dating from 1903. The redistilled distillate is transported again to be bottled where it is reduced to 40% alc./vol. using spring water from the Weald of Sussex.

There is a lot of transport involved in the above production process for a vodka claiming such green credentials. And the above does not include shipping of the glass bottles from Italy. However, those who trundle along to Selfridges London store, silk screen printed bottle in hand, can have it refilled from a 9.8 liter bag-in-box.