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Caledonian Whisky


Caledonian Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Caledonian was built in 1855, producing grain whisky from a Coffey still as well as two large pot stills. For decades, Caledonian was the largest distillery in Scotland. In 1867, to keep up with the high demand from blenders, Caledonian began to install pot stills in order to distill ‘Irish style’ grain whisky - but, y’know, in Scotland. These pot stills remained until around 1900.

Caledonian was transferred to Scottish Grain Distillers in 1966, and became part of United Distillers following the Guinness/DCL merger 20 years later. Sadly it fell victim to United Distillers’ mass consolidation of the business in 1988, and was finally closed. However, that wasn’t the last we’d see of Caledonian, as its 300ft chimney stack still stands as a historical monument and is one of the tallest Victorian towers remaining in Scotland.