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Grasovka Vodka


Grasovka Vodka

This żubrówka vodka is flavored with Hierochloe Odorata grass, better known as ‘bison grass’ due to its growing in the woods of the Bialowieza national park on the border between Poland and Belarus where Europe’s last wild bison still graze.

The bison grass is harvested by hand in early summer when full of sap and aroma. The vodka is forced through a bed of the dried grass several times until acquiring an aromatic essence. Each bottle of Grasovka contains a blade of the dried grass.
  • Grasovka Vodka Bison grass Bison Vodka
    Item no.: 22227865479-7208
    Grasovka Vodka Bisongrass Premium Polish Vodka Poland 50 cl 40%Grasovka Bisongrass A delicious Premium Polish Vodka that is characterized by the blade of grass in the bottle. Bisongrass is so shrouded in secrecy that only 21 families know where it grows. To the layman, it is indistinguishable from other grasses, only the bison herders and the selected families know where to look. After distillation, demineralized water, bison grass extract and - by hand - a blade of the distinctive bison grass are added. Enjoy Grasovka Vodka Bisongrass neat or as an ingredient in a vodka/juice Distillery: Grasovka Bison Grass VodkaType: Polish Vodka Alc. strength: 40% 50 cl. Other:
    • 1pcs.