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Sipsmith Gin


Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith was born out of a desire to see gin production return to the city where it earned its name. With a nod to traditional hand crafted production, their London Dry Gin combines traditional copper pot distillation with a recipe that wouldn't look unfamiliar to an eighteenth century Master Distiller.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is multi award-winning; a marriage of a traditional recipe of 10 classic botanicals and a genuinely hand crafted process delivering a quintessential expression of the London Dry Gin style.

One of the only gins in the world to be made using the uncompromising 'One Shot' method. Each day, Sipsmith add precisely the amount of botanicals needed to make one batch of gin to each still – never adding more to create a gin concentrate.

Every bottle of Sipsmith is hand crafted in genuinely small batches. Every drop of every batch is lovingly labored over by hand, by their dedicated Distillers. No regimented timings, no automatic cuts, just a craftsman’s flair and a passion for gin well made. Sipsmith believe this is the only way to craft spirits of this quality.

The botanicals are carefully sourced from all over the globe – choosing only the very best quality ingredients. The recipe was inspired by one discovered by Sipsmith Master Distiller, Jared, in an eighteenth century book called The Art of Distilling.

  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin
    Item no.: 2222786539-6147
    Distillery: SipsmithAge: NA Type: Sloe English Gin Alc. strength: 29% 50 cl. Other:
    • 1pcs.
  • Sipsmith Small Batch London Dry Gin 70 cl 41,6% Dry Gin
    Item no.: 2222786539-6146
    Sipsmith 70 cl London Dry English Gin 41.6% From England comes this lovely gin - juniper with very classic notes. A rich and round mouthfeel and, most importantly, a harmoniously smooth balance Distillery: SipsmithCountry: England Type: London Dry Gin Alc. strength: 41.6% 70 cl. Other: Small Batch
    • 1pcs.
  • Sipsmith VJOP London Dry Gin
    Item no.: 2222786539-6148
    Sipsmith VJOP 70 cl London Dry English Gin 57.7%Sipsmith VJOP London Dry English Gin - Imagine plants as components in an orchestra. Here, Sipsmith Gin has taken the main instrument, juniper, and strengthened its presence in the ensemble. Then they've increased the decibel level by increasing the alcohol content. The result is their own symphony in "J" major. You can expect these flavor notes: Well-rounded, big flavors of juniper, rich spice and notes of dark chocolate with hints of sweet orange. The high alcohol percentages give a nice kick to Sipsmith V.J.O.P ginnen. Very Junipered Overproof - Distillery: Sipsmith Gin - Name: Sipsmith V.J.O.P - Botanicals: Juniper etc. - Country: England - Type: London Dry Gin - Alc. strength: 57,7% - 70 cl. - Recommended tonic water: Fever-Tree tonic - Recommended garnish: Slice of orange
    • 1pcs.