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Cachaca Pitu Do Brasil


Cachaca Pitu Do Brasil

Cachaça is an incredibly popular spirit in Brazil and it is slowly starting to make an impression elsewhere. Pitú Cachaça comes from the State of Pernambuco in north-east Brazil. It is made with pressed sugarcane juice and is allowed to sit in wooden vats for several weeks before being bottled to unveil all the lovely flavours. Perfect for those Caipirinhas you've been thinking of making.
  • Cachaca Pitu Do Brasil Premium Brasil Spirit 70 cl 38% Pitu Do Brasil
    Item no.: 22227865496-231
    Cachaca Pitu Do Brasil - the famous drink from Brazil. Cachaca For the past 75 years, Pitú has been known for its tradition of uncompromising dedication to the art of making Cachaca. No expense is spared to obtain the finest sugar cane, the purest water and yeast, all of which are used to produce an excellent product Cachaca Pitú. Ever wondered what the symbol on the bottle means? Pitu is the symbol for "the red Pitú" (lobster). Pitú is the spirit in a Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail.

    Distillery: Pitü Cachaca
    Age: NA
    Type: Brazilian Liquor
    Alc. strength: 38%
    70 cl.
    Other: Perfect for making a caipirinha.
    • 1pcs.