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Ron Cihuatan Rum


Ron Cihuatan Rum

Ron de El Salvador Cihuatán is El Salvador’s only rum distillery. Ron Cihuatán’s story dates all the way back to the ancient Mayan city of Cihuatán. According to legend, a goddess bestowed Cihuatán with riches and fertility, with her spirit watching over the sugarcane fields remaining in the shape of the Guazapa Mountain. This El Salvadorian rum is named after this legend, which in Nahuat “Cihuatán” translates “the land beside the sleeping woman.”

Produced by Licorera Cihuatán, a subsidiary of Ingenio La Cabaña of El Salvador. This rum is made using a 100-year-old sugar cane mill. Licorera Cihuatán distillery was established in 2004 and began distilling and aging their rums. After fermentation the rum is aged in new and used American oak bourbon barrels using the Solera method. The age statement is minimum age.

El Salvador’s first rum, this spirit is handcrafted 100% by Salvadoran hands. “Our rum’s mystical surroundings, our sugarcane and aging methods, mixed with our hard work and patience, give Ron Cihuatán an unmistakable quality,” says Gabriela Ayala, Cihuatán’s Master Blender.