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Hazelburn Whisky

Hazelburn Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky

From Campbeltown, once in a while comes a triple distilled whiskey from this small distillery.
Springbank was founded in 1828 at the same location where John Mitchell's illegal distillation boiler stood in its time, and the company is still owned by Scotland's oldest whiskey family. The distillery uses traditional flooring to malt their barley. A practice only a few quality-proven manufacturers still use. This 100 percent handmade whiskey is distilled slowly before being loaded onto oak barrels of the finest caliber.

Hazelburn is a unique line of single malt whiskey from Springbank distillery. The whiskey stands out by being distilled three times, making it extra soft and refined. At the same time, the style is strikingly fresh because the malt is not dried up. Rundlets and Kilderkins are small wooden barrels with a capacity of 68 liters, which in the old days were sold directly to the local nobility in Campbeltown. The drying of the dishes ensures that there is more contact between whiskey and oak during storage. The maturation accelerates to make Hazelburn feel older than it really is.