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Kings Inch Whisky


Kings Inch Whisky

Kings Inch Distillery is a treasure in Scotland's whisky world, known for its expertise in craftsmanship and tradition. Located in beautiful countryside, the distillery creates whiskies of exceptional quality and flavor. Visitors are invited to explore Kings Inch Distillery's charming facilities through informative tours that include tastings of their renowned whiskies. Experience the deep passion and proud tradition behind every drop of Kings Inch Whisky, and gain an authentic insight into Scotland's rich whisky heritage at this historic distillery.
  • Kings Inch Glasgow Single Malt Whisky
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197279944
    Kings Inch Glasgow has been matured in First fill bourbon casks and then finished in Olorosso sherry casks. The whisky is suitable to enjoy neat, but it will also do well in various cocktails, such as Scotch & Soda and an excellent Sour. The whisky is a Lowland whisky produced from West Coast Barley and water from Loch Katrine.

    Nose: Fresh green apples, sweet vanilla and caramelized sugar. Taste: Light citrus, green apples with a hint of pineapple, good powerful sherry and light chocolate Finish: Long and warm taste, caramel, black pepper and sweet spices and cane Distillery: Kings InchCountry: Scotland Age: NA Type: Single Lowland Malt Whisky Alc. strength: 46 % 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.