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Petalos Wine


Petalos Wine

'Petalos' is D.J.P.'s regional introduction wine to the Mencias of Bierzo. Largely from Corullon fruit (including declassified material from the single vineyard sites), but includes some material from sites managed, rather than owned by Alvaro and Ricardo. Absolutely gorgeous, plush, elegant and floral – trademark roses and pepper tree perfume, bright and earthy at once, red fruits hybridised with the juice of rose petals, peppercorn and roast meat juice. It’s very savoury, elegant, satiny but dry, long and supple with sour cherries and dried sage.
  • Alvaro Palacios Petalos del Bierzo 2018 Spanish Red Wine 75 cl 13,5% 13,5% Alvaro Palacios
    Item no.: 22227865464-88350
    Winery: Petalos del Bierzo - Alvaro Palacios
    Vintage: 2018
    Grape: 100% Mencia
    Country: Spain
    Type: Spanish Red Wine
    Alc. strength: 13,5 %
    75 cl.

    Barrel aging: 10 months
    Cultivation: Traditional
    • 1pcs.