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Rammstein Tequila

  • Rammstein Tequila Reposado
    Item no.: 2222786554478-2258
    Rammstein Tequila Reposado - from the iconic rock bandRammstein Tequila Reposado - The famous rock band is joining the wave of tequila releases and releasing their first bottling in a beautiful outfit, with a leather case around the bottle. This edition is a Reposado, which is aged in wooden barrels for at least 8 months, Reposado is the preferred type of tequila in Mexico. Preserved fruit and agave aromas are paired with vanilla and caramel notes in this Reposado, which is silky smooth with a sweet finish. The color is light golden yellow. The leather case is 100% handmade and laces up at the back. The 260 gram cast iron cap has a 3D version of the RAMMSTEIN logo. Distillery: Rammstein Tequila Reposado Type: 100% agave from Mexico Alc. strength: 38% 70 cl:
    • 1pcs.