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Thylandia Whisky


Thylandia Danish Whisky

Located in Thy, Denmark, Thylandia Distillery is a gem in Danish spirits production, known for its focus on quality and local ingredients. The distillery crafts artisanal spirits, including whisky, that reflect the unique character and flavor profile of the region. Visitors can explore Thylandia Distillery's modern facilities through guided tours that include tastings of their exclusive products. Immerse yourself in the authentic Danish spirits experience at Thylandia Distillery and discover a world of tradition, local pride, and exceptional flavors.

From Northern Jutland there are various kinds of spirits from Thylandia, including:
  • Thylandia Lyng Bitter
  • Thylandia Myrtle snaps
  • Thylandia Gin
  • Thylandia Klithede snaps
  • Thylandia Whiskey Liqueur
  • Thylandia Rum
  • Thylandia Whiskey Likør Premium Danish Small Batch Denmark 50 cl 22% 22
    Item no.: 2222786539-1201
    Thylandia Whisky Likør is made from Braunstein's Library Collection Single Malt Whisky, which combines fine malts to achieve its unique smooth flavor. It's a wonderful combination of smooth whisky, bourbon vanilla and caramel. A fantastic whisky likør that is the perfect accompaniment to dessert.

    Distillery: Thylandia Whisky Likør Bourbon Vanilla Age: NA Country: Denmark Type: Whisky Likør Alc. strength: 22 % 50 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Book - Danish Whisky by Per Gren - Peder Lund - Byens Forlag
    Item no.: 899999-Dansk-Whisky-Per Gregersen
    About the book: They visit most of the Danish distilleries and get the fun, quirky stories - all delivered in a nice coffee book format. (Subject to changes in text and design of the book) Behind the book are: Thomas Skovmand from Byens Forlag, Peder Lund and Per Gren from Gren&Lund and Per Gregersen from pgkommunikation. Do you have a taste for good whisky - and good stories? The book "Dansk Whisky" - is about the Danish whisky producers, who are currently experiencing strong growth and a strong tailwind. Yes, gin is all the rage right now, but that doesn't change the fact that whisky is and will remain the king of spirits, simply because it takes a minimum of three years to make and requires a lot of care and love in the process. Danish whisky producers understand this. Hopefully, the readers of the book understand it too... The project is in full swing and we visit the wonderful, funny and quirky existences that work hard to cask age the liquid joy of life that good whisky can be. Not to create a taste guide to Danish whisky, but to tell the stories of the people behind this small but powerful Danish entrepreneurial adventure. Hopefully, the book will inspire you to visit the many enthusiasts around the country. They have both good stories and good whisky to offer. The book is designed and conceptualized at Gren&Lund, the stories are written by journalist Per Gregersen and published by Byens Forlag. So if you usually only wish for black socks and well-behaved children for Christmas, you might want to reserve a place under the tree now. Just a thought. See excerpts from the book by clicking "Download" below:
    • 1pcs.