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Port Wine Glasses


Port Wine Glasses

  • Riedel Vinum Porto 6416/60 - 2 pcs.
    Item no.: 22227865489-18-6416-60
    No one can express it more briefly and succinctly than the international wine guru Robert Parker:
    "I cannot urge strongly enough to use these glasses."

    Everything in Riedel's glasses is carefully considered. From the selection and quality of the basic material to the entire manufacturing process and the final result with the design of the glass itself. Perfectionism at its highest potential - and an unwavering demand set from the beginning by the creator of the glass, George Riedel.

    Riedel Vinum Porto 6416/60 - 2 pcs.
    Height: 166 mm
    Contents: 240 ccm
    • 1pcs.