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Karukera Rum


Karukera Rum

Certain origins do not mislead… in November 1493 Christophe Colomb first set ashore Guadeloupe at the place which became the commune of Sainte-Marie.

Initially called Karukera by the Caribbean Indians, Guadeloupe saw the foundation of the Domain of Marquisat of Sainte Marie in 1895. It is in the middle of this Domain that the oldest distilling of the island, Espérance distilling, works out an exceptional rum: rum Karukera.

Today more than ever, the exploitation of the Domain can not sacrifice the search of an indisputable quality to the constraints of productivity.

Completely autonomous: the Domain of Marquisat de Sainte – Marie integrates single distilling where all the chain of development and ageing of rum is managed on its grounds; very selective: by privileging the mono variety, the Domain secures the possibility of qualitative controls at each stage of the development and especially a prémium quality regularity that impartial report confirmed by independent experts.
  • Karukera Rhum Vieux Reserve Rom 42%
    Item no.: 22227865416-24
    Distillery: Karukera Rhum Vieux Agricole Reserve Age: NA Type: Dark rum Alc. strength: 42% 70 cl. Other: Rhum Agricole Des Antilles - French West Indies

    • 1pcs.