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Cooley Whiskey

Cooley Irsk Single Malt Whiskey

Cooley Distillery is an Irish whiskey distillery, located on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth, Ireland, converted in 1987 from an older potato alcohol plant by John Teeling. On 16 December 2011 Beam Inc. announced plans to purchase Cooley for around US$95 million (€71 million). The sale closed on 17 January 2012. Beam was then purchased by Suntory Holdings on 30 April 2014, and became its Beam Suntory subsidiary.
  • Tyrconnell 10 year old Sherry Finish Single Malt Irish Whiskey 46%
    Item no.: 22227865380
    Tyrconnell 10 Year Old / Sherry Cask Finish
    70cl / 46%
    Irish Single Malt Whiskey

    Tyrconnell Aged 10 Years - Sherry cask
    • 1pcs.
  • Tyrconnell Double Distilled Irish Single Malt Whiskey 43%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197280346
    Tyrconnell Double Distilled Irish Single Malt Whiskey
    70 cl / 43%
    • 1pcs.
  • Tyrconnell Irish Single Malt Whiskey 40%
    Item no.: 22227865381-1
    Destilleri: Tyrconnell
    Type: Single Irish Malt Whisky
    Alc. styrke: 40 %
    70 cl.
    Perfekt til Irish coffee - Irsk whiskey med metal gaverør. Lagret på amerikansk eg. Det er Master Distiller Noel Sweeney, der dufter sig frem til den perfekte balance.
    Whiskeyen aftappes ved 40%
    • 1pcs.