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Clairin Rum


Clairin Rum

A blend of white rum from four different counties in Haiti - Barraderes, Cavaillon, Pignon and St. Michel de l’Attalaye.
  • Clairin Casimir
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    Clairin Casimir Haiti 2018 Rum

    Clairin Casimir is a Haitian specialty. Faubert Casimir has 50 hectares of sugar cane, two types: Hawaii Blanche and Hawaii Rouge, and the fresh juice of these is used to make an incredibly flavorful rum. Clairin Casimir has an unusual characteristic: during fermentation, Faubert adds various herbs to enrich the aroma, as is traditional in this area of Barraderes. Some batches use citronella, cinnamon or ginger. Distillery: Clarin Name: Clairin Casimir Age: NA Type: White rum Country: Haiti Alc. strength: 53,6% 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Clairin sonon
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    Clairin SonSon Haiti 2018 Rum

    The Haitian specialty, clairin, is a naturally fermented rum made from fresh sugarcane juice. The vast majority Clairin never leaves Haiti. If you've never tasted clairin, prepare yourself for a formative experience. The taste is unique and complex, and to preserve as much authenticity and character as possible, the rum is not spoiled with any sugar or coloring. Distillery: Clarin Name: Clairin SonSon Age: NA Type: White rum Country: Haiti Alc. strength: 53.2% 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.