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Connemara Whiskey

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Connemara is named after one of the most famous regions in Ireland, one of nature's masterpieces. Connemara is a landscape of all-natural and unique beauty, situated on the west coast of the rough coastline to the Atlantic Ocean with the majestic mountains in the background, surrounded by rain-wet peat swamps.

This smoked Irish whiskey is inspired by the ancient Irish custom of drying the malted barley over a bonfire of the local peat. However, over the past well over a hundred years, this proud tradition disappeared until Cooley breathed new life into this unique brand - 'Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey'. No other Irish whiskey combines the heavy, smoky touch with fruit and vanilla tones while retaining the very light and aromatic notes of taste that Irish whiskey is so well-known for.

Unlike other Irish whiskeys that are distilled three times, Connemara is double distilled in two small 'Pot Stills' to ensure that their whiskey retains the robust impression of a true, old-fashioned Irish dram.
  • Connemara 12 year old Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey 40%
    Item no.: 22227865382-12
    Connemara 12 Year Old Peated Irish Whiskey
    70cl / 40%
    Irish Single Malt Whiskey

    Distillery bottling
    This is the 12 years old edition from the irish distillery, lightly peated and great taste
    • 1pcs.
  • Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey 40%
    Item no.: 22227865382-1
    Destilleri: Connemara
    Alder: min. 3 år
    Type: Single Irish Malt Whiskey
    Alc. styrke: 40 %
    70 cl.

    • 1pcs.