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Union 55 Rum


Union 55

We’re on a mission to introduce a real and honest flavour driven approach to rum by avoiding the fake additives, sweetening and artificial aromatics common in so many of the spiced and flavoured rums on the market today. Discover our real and honest botanical rums and how to mix them.
  • Spirited Union Spice and Sea Salt Botanical Rum 70 cl 41
    Item no.: 22227865379888778-0
    Spirited Union Spice and Sea Salt Botanical Rum

    Spirited Union is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For the production of their rum, they work with distilleries located in different regions known for their rum production. The exact locations may vary depending on the botanical rum varieties they create. Spirited Union strives to capture the flavors and characteristics of these regions by using local ingredients and working with skilled distillers in each area.
    By working with distilleries in different regions, Spirited Union can showcase the unique botanical elements and techniques associated with these specific locations.

    Distillery: Spirited Union
    Country: Netherlands
    Type: Light Rum
    Alc. strength: 41%
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.