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Foxdenton Rum


Foxdenton Dark Lantern Rum Liqueur

Dark Lantern (named after an 18th Century smugglers tool), is a 31% Rum liqueur looking to capture the flavour of Rum & Raisin.

Dark Lantern is a rich and full-bodied Rum Liqueur that is equally at home served neat after dinner or used in cocktail making, making superb Espresso Martinis, Dark & Stormys and Rum Old Fashioneds (aka a treacle). The nose is full of caramel and exotic spice, which gives way to fig and raisin on the palate with a long warm finish.
  • Foxdenton Dark Lantern Rum Liqueur England 50 cl 31%
    Item no.: 2222786529-1256
    Foxdenton Dark Lantern Rum Liqueur Rum Liqueur England 50 cl 31% Dark Lantern is made from a base of rum and caramel with added spices. The taste is mild and sweet with notes of raisin and fig with a warm finish. Try it as part of a Dark & Stormy cocktail From the historic English manor house Foxdenton This rum likør comes from the historic English manor house Foxdenton The Radclyffe family took over Foxdenton way back in 1367 and it is still the Radclyffe family that owns and runs the manor's operations, including the family's gin brand. Made from a mix of local plums such as Aylesbury, Czar and Victoria plums. Dark plums that give the gin a beautiful dark color and a rich concentrated plum flavor. As only local raw materials are used, the annual production is limited.
    • 1pcs.