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3 kilos Vodka


3 Kilos Vodka

We searched the world for the best vodka in quality and taste...Our journey for the best led us to the Netherlands, where the original award-winning 3 Kilos Ultra Premium Vodka blend came into fruition at a historic distillery in Schiedam, Holland. Our signature patented gold bullion bottle design with a nonrefillable top, consistently delivers the 3 KILOS VODKA standard of quality and luxuriously smooth taste straight from our distillery in the south of Holland to your glass.
  • G O L D 999.9 Five times distilled Ultra Premium Dutch Vodka from hand-selected European golden wheat.
  • C O C O G O L D Ultra Premium Dutch Vodka with Fresh Coconuts and hints of vanilla bean.
  • S L V R 999.9 Ultra Premium Gluten Free Dutch Vodka five times distilled from sugar beets and charcoal filtered.