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Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski is a Polish vodka brand. It is owned by Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits.

Sobieski named after Jan III Sobieski, king of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1674 to 1696. His nickname the "Lion of Lechistan."

Sobieski's basic vodka is a 100% pure rye vodka. It is distilled in Poland with rye (cultivar Dankowski) and water only. Sobieski also produces four flavored vodkas made from fruit juice: Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, and Vanilla. Two vodka-based liqueurs are also produced by the label: Strawberry and Caramel.

The Sobieski company was founded in 1846 by H.A. Winkelhausen in Koniaków, and produced over 60 types of alcohol. Following World War II, the Koniaków distillery was rebuilt and consolidated under the state monopoly on Vodka production. In 2003, Production moved to Starogard Gdański.

In 2009, American actor Bruce Willis signed a contract to become the international face of Belvedere SA's Sobieski Vodka in exchange for 3.3% ownership in the company.

  • Sobieski Estate Vodka Single Rye 40 procent alcohol
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972500
    Sobieski Estate Vodka Single Rye 40%

    • Distillery: Sobieski
    • Name: Estate Vodka
    • Country: Poland
    • Type: Single rye vodka
    • Alc. strength: 40%
    • 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.