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Skærsøgaard Liqueur



Danish liqueur.
  • Skærsøgaard Danish Calvados 2009 41%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197134
    Skærsøgaard Æbluxxxxx Apple Liqueur Denmark 27% - Enjoy it as an aperitifSkærsøgaard Æbluxxxxx is characterized by Danish summer with light nights and classic craftsmanship and quality production of the spirit. Æbluxxx is extracted from Skærsøgaard's own Danish apples, which together with ginger and a little vanilla have created an incredibly unique balance between the tart and the sweet.

    Enjoy it as an aperitif or use it as a dessert - Producer: Skærsøgaard Dons - Name: Æbluxxx - Age: 3 years - Apples: Primarily forest apples - Country: Denmark - Number of bottles: 897 - Type: Barrel-aged apple liqueur - Alc. strength: 27% - 50 cl. - Other:
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