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Seagram's Whisky


Seagram's Whisky

Seagram's Distillery is an iconic name in the spirits world with roots dating back to 1857. Located somewhere, the distillery is known for its expertise in whisky production, delivering classic and innovative spirits. Visitors can explore Seagram's Distillery's historic facilities through informative tours that include tastings of their award-winning whiskies and other spirits. Experience the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind each product from Seagram's Distillery and enjoy a unique insight into the evolution of the spirits world over the years.
  • Seagrams VO Blended Canadian Whisky 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 059763-615-272
    Seagrams VO Blended Canadian Whisky 70 cl 40%

    There is a mystery surrounding the origins and naming of Seagram's V.O., one of the most well-known whiskies produced at Joseph E. Seagram's former Waterloo Distillery.
    Family tradition states that "V.O." stands for "Very Own," as this was a whisky blend created for Joseph E. Seagram's own family. Others claim that the initials stand for "Very Old" in keeping with the distillers assertion that is was a blend of very old Canadian Whiskies.

    The story tells how Joseph's son, Thomas, had the distillery's blender, William Hortop, prepare a whisky blend for his personal use to celebrate his upcoming marriage in 1913 to Dorothy Pearson. Upon tasting the special blend, Joseph insisted that the family blend be put on the market. It went on to become one of Seagram's biggest sellers.

    Distillery: Seagram's
    Name: Seagram's VO
    Age: NA
    Country: Canada
    Type: Blended Canadian Whisky
    Alc. strength: 40 %
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.