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Copper Fox Whisky


Copper Fox Whisky

Copper Fox is a brand of whisky produced by the Copper Fox Distillery, known for its innovative and handcrafted approach to whisky making. Here are some key points about Copper Fox Whisky:

  1. Distillery: Copper Fox Whisky is produced by the Copper Fox Distillery, which is located in Sperryville, Virginia, USA.

  2. Founder: The distillery was founded by Rick Wasmund, who is passionate about creating unique and flavorful whiskies using traditional methods with a modern twist.

  3. Malting Process: One of the distinctive features of Copper Fox whiskies is their use of a unique malting process. The distillery floor malts a portion of its barley, and the malt is then dried using apple and cherry wood smoke. This smoking process imparts a distinct flavor to the whisky.

  4. Grain Selection: Copper Fox is known for its use of locally sourced grains, emphasizing a connection to the surrounding agricultural community.

  5. Cask Aging: The whiskies from Copper Fox are aged in a variety of casks, including American oak barrels and used applewood and oak chips. This diverse aging process contributes to the complexity of flavors in their expressions.

  6. Product Range: Copper Fox offers a range of whiskies, including single malt expressions. Each release is crafted with a focus on flavor exploration and a commitment to quality.

  7. Innovation: The distillery is recognized for its innovative approaches to whisky production, including experimenting with different types of wood and aging techniques to create distinctive and bold flavor profiles.

  8. Sustainability: Copper Fox is committed to sustainable practices, including sourcing locally when possible and implementing eco-friendly initiatives in its production processes.

  9. Visitor Experience: The Copper Fox Distillery provides a visitor experience, allowing enthusiasts to tour the facility, learn about the whisky-making process, and sample their unique expressions.

As with any whisky, individual preferences may vary, and exploring Copper Fox Whisky offers an opportunity to discover their distinctive approach to crafting flavorful and innovative spirits.

  • Copper Fox Rye Small Batch American Whiskey 45% ABV
    Item no.: 22227865386-225
    Copper Fox Rye Small Batch American Whiskey 45% The hand-ground barley is smoked in an exciting blend of both cherry and apple. Copper Fox Rye Whiskey has a unique aroma of orange peel, cherry and a hint of spice. Distillery: Copper Fox Rye Age: NA Type: American Rye Whiskey Alc. strength: 45 % 75 cl. Other: Small batch 2/3 Rye + 1/3 hand malted barley
    • 1pcs.