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Freimeister Wodka


Freimeister Wodka

  • Freimeister Vodka 800 ØKO
    Item no.: 505956-498796-450-5

    Freimeister Vodka 800 ØKO Estonia

    The vodka is made from organic Sangaste winter rye, which is ground and fermented to 8% alcohol before being distilled up to 96.7% in a column still. It is then slowly watered down to the preferred drinking strength in Estonia: 50%. The vodka has a clear color and a clean and fresh scent with a hint of warm grain and fennel. The vodka has mild mild notes of licorice, vanilla and citrus. Distillery: Freimeisterkollektiv Type: Estonian Vodka Country: Estonia Alc. strength: 50 % 50 cl. Other: Enjoy it neat or in drinks.
    • 1pcs.