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Epic Brewing


Epic Brewing

  • Epic Big Bad Baptist
    Item no.: 505956-498796-467-3
    Epic Big Bad Baptist Imperial strout Chocolate Raspberry 65 cl NRB Delicious brew with chocolate and raspberries. The tart freshness of real raspberries blends beautifully with the rich chocolate flavor of Big Bad Baptist. Take time to explore and enjoy this luxurious brew.

    Brewery: Epic BrewingName: Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Raspberry Type: Imperial strout Alc. strength: 11.6% 65 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Big Bad Sextuble
    Item no.: 505956-498796-467-4
    Epic Big Bad Baptist Sextuble 65 cl NRB This beer represents the culmination of half a decade of pushing boundaries with barrel-aged beer. The final effort in our annually numbered series, which began in 2016, Sextuple Barrel Big Bad Baptist includes all of the best ingredients. Brewery: Epic BrewingName: Big Bad Baptist Sextuble Type: Specially aged Alc. strength: 12.5% 65 cl.
    • 1pcs.