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Ticket to the Whisky Fair


Whiskymessen - The Danish Whisky fair

Buy your ticket to the Whisky Fair here or join the Whisky Fair VIP CLUB.
  • Upgrading to Whiskymessen V.I.P. CLUB 2025 Danish whiskyfair
    Item no.: 2222785559-2025vip
    Upgrade to VIP Membership - Upon joining, you will receive:
    Taste catalog is handed out at the entrance.
    Value 70,- kr. Unique Whiskymessen tasting glass - Handed out in the VIP Entrance on March 1st, 2025
    Value DKK 40,-. "Gift certificate for a tasting" of 1 Whiskymesse Malt - redeemable at Whiskymessen in the Exclusive Bar Value 40,- kr. "Gift certificate for 2 bottles of spring water" - Redeemable at Whiskymessen in the Exclusive Bar or Infostand V.I.P. Card valid for 2025
    Value DKK 20,-. Free wardrobe at Whiskymessen
    Value 5,- kr. I love sticker

    25% discount in the Exclusive Bar & The BourbonBar - with lots of rare whiskies on March 1st, 2025 V.I.P. access at Whiskymessen, 10 min. BEFORE regular guests - so at 09.50 the doors open V.I.P. area (if possible) with seating near the Exclusive Bar
    • 1pcs.