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Daisy Gin

Daisy Gin

Daisy London Dry Gin is a wonderfully light-footed organic gin from Cologne, which you should buy here if you feel like a pleasantly accessible drink with exceptional taste. This is a product that celebrates nature: The production of Daisy Gin is energy- and CO2-neutral, and all ingredients come from organic cultivation and are of the highest quality. Typically organic!

The following botanicals are used in the production of Daisy London Dry Gin:

  • Juniper berries
  • Goji berries
  • Daisy flowers
  • Orange blossoms
  • Mace

The juniper berries provide the tart foundation on which the other ingredients can develop aromatically. The small red goji berries provide fruity acidity. Orange blossoms give Daisy Gin a honey-sweet touch reminiscent of summer. Mace gives an exotic hint of nut and black pepper. Finally, the name-giving daisy, with a taste of grass, brings you "back to the ground."

Daisy London Dry Gin is, as mentioned above, a very accessible drink. As peaceful as the daisy in the gin, the drink goes well with several high-quality tonics. Mix your Daisy-based Gin & Tonic with either Goldberg, Thomas Henry, Schweppes Dry, Fever Tree or Aqua Monaco. Garnish the Gin & Tonic with an orange zest.

  • Daisy Gin London Dry Gin Germany 50 cl 44%
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    Daisy London Dry Gin from Germany
    50 cl / 44%

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