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Islay Rum

The Islay Rum Company
  • Islay The Original Port Ellen Geal Pure Single Scotch Rum 70 cl 45%
    Item no.: 2227865479-1106-197280322-24
    Islay Rum Inaugural Release 2022 The Original Port Ellen Geal Pure Single Rum 45%The Islay Rum Company - This is the first rum from the famous island Islay, which is best known for its smoky whiskies. It's called Inaugural Release 2022 and as it's the very first release, it's also a little more expensive than regular white rum. The people behind The Vintage Malt Whisky Company are also behind this new Islay rum distillery. Their Head Distiller is Ben Inglis and his inspiration comes from Haiti, Jamaica and the French West Indies. The rum is produced at The Old Lemonade Factory, where they have installed beautiful copper pot stills. The first drops of white rum ran through the system in February 2022. The "Heart" is around 83% alcohol strength after 7 hours of distillation time, but is watered down to 45% when bottled. The fermentation time is 168 hours. Enjoy it in cocktails, for example. Daiquiri Distillery: The Islay Rum Company Age: NA Type: Pure Single Scotch Rum Alc. strength: 45 % Number of bottles: 2500 pcs. 70 cl. Other: Inaugural Release 2022
    • 1pcs.