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Gold 999.9 Gin


Gold 999.9 Gin

Unlike other gins, Gin Gold 999.9 obtains its alcohol from the same distillery in which the entire distillation takes place. After obtaining this alcohol base from the first distillation, two more distillations are carried out in order to improve the quality of the gin. It is finally distilled and infused with different botanicals.

The whole process takes place in stills that have been at the distillery for centuries. Part of the distillation is still carried out in the gold stills that inspired this carefully crafted gin, of which the perfect product is obtained after each distillation.

Apart from juniper, other botanicals used to produce this unique spirit include: tangerine, almond, ginger, violets, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark, gentian violet, poppy, and vanilla.

Various archeological digs were carried out in Alsace at the beginning of the 20th century. Among the many valuables that were found, there was a golden still.

It was sold to a distillation aficionado who immediately fell in love with it. He would go on to spend years searching for the perfect spirit, an elixir as valuable as the golden still he had just bought. He finally created this gin with hints of tangerine and a delicate vanilla and almond hint. He called it Gold 999.9, since he considered this beverage on par with the purest type of gold.

This is how this very special spirit was born. It is a very unique gin, the only one that is distilled in a golden still.

Today, Gold 999.9 is still made at a small distillery in a village in Alsace, on the border between Germany, France and Switzerland. Part of the recipe is still kept secret, but it has stayed the same for over a century.

  • Gold Premium Gin 999.9 from France
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    Gin Gold 999.9 - gold premium gin from France

    Unlike other gins, Gold Gin 999.9 has an alcohol base that is distilled a full 3 times to improve the quality of the gin. It is then blended and distilled with the various 16 botanicals. Enjoy Gin Gold 999.9 Gold Gin Premium France 70 cl 40% with a fresh tonic water. See our full range of gins here- Distillery: Gold Gin 999.9 - Name: Small Batch Handcrafted - Botanicals: juniper, mandarin, violets, poppies, ginger, coriander - Country: France - Type: French Gin - Alc. strength: 40% - 70 cl. - Recommended Tonic Water: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water - Recommended Garnish: Slice of orange - Other: super stylish gin - Gin Gold 999.9
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