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Wodka Vodka


Wodka Vodka 

Wodka Vodka The Original Polish Rye WÓDKA Vodka 40%
  • Vodka Vodka The Original Polish Rye Vodka
    Item no.: 2224443333-4452
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    Vodka Vodka The Original Polish Rye WÓDKA Polish Vodka 40%

    WÓDKA Vodka is distilled exclusively from the special rye variety "Dankowskie", which is known to be the best raw material for a true Polish rye vodka. The grain is distilled five times to retain its characteristic flavor. The result is a wonderfully clear and pure vodka, with a nice clean and spicy taste from the grain.

    - Distillery: WÓDKA - Unknown, but located just outside the city of Kalisz
    - Name: Premium Rye Vodka
    - Country: Poland
    - Type: 100% Pure Rye vodka
    - Alc. strength: 40%
    - 70 cl.
    - Other: San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 - Double Gold, Overall Best Vodka
    • 1pcs.