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Skagerrak Nordic Gin


Skagerrak Nordic Gin

  • Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin 70 cl Norway
    Item no.: 2222786539-skagerrak
    Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin 70 cl 44.9% from the lovely country of Norway Skagerrak Gin is based on more than 150 years of craft experience in distillation and knowledge of plant composition. In collaboration with selected bartenders from some of the best cocktail bars in the Nordic region, Arcus has created a classic dry gin with a distinct juniper character and a clear Nordic profile. In addition to being made in the Nordic region, the taste is enhanced with ingredients from the Nordic nature and fauna in and around Skagerrak. These include angelica root, which, along with juniper berries, coriander and bitter orange peel, is one of the classic ingredients in gin.

    Other aroma-creating ingredients can be found along the coasts of Skagerrak: elderflower and chamomile, as well as rose hip and sea buckthorn. All ingredients in Skagerrak Gin that contribute a unique aroma profile of floral and fruity sweetness of ripe berries. In the development of Skagerrak Gin, they have been particularly attracted to the citrus part of caraway. Caraway is a very common herb in the Nordic region, and using fractional distillation on a classic pot still, they isolated the citrus component, as they wanted to create a gin with a subtle hint of fresh citrus aroma. Finally, they delved into the Skagerrak and found seaweed - also known as dulse seaweed. The seaweed gives a delicate and slightly salty sensation of fresh sea, which you find when eating fresh oysters, for example. The subtle salty aroma of the seaweed completes and balances the flavor of Skagerrak Gin with the fresh fruity and spicy aromas - Distillery: Arcus AS - Name: Skagerrak Nordic Dry Gin- Botanicals: Juniper berries, elderflower, chamomile flower, rose hip and sea buckthorn - Country: Norway - Type: Nordisk gin- Alc. strength: 44,9% - 70 cl. - Recommended Tonic Water: Fever Tree Indian Tonic - Recommended Garnish: Lemon peel, twisted - Other: Fits in all classic gin cocktails such as G&T, Dry Martini and Negroni
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