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Maison Sichel


Maison Sichel

  • Maison Sichel 2020 French Bordeaux Sauternes 37,5 cl 13% French Bordeaux Sauternes
    Item no.: 505956-498796-464-21

    Maison Sichel 2020 French Bordeaux Sauternes

    This is a classified wine from a top Chateau in Sauternes, the world famous wine producing village in France. Very complex and very delicious, a blend of exotic fruit and citrus flavors.

    Winery: Maison Sichel
    Vintage: 2020
    Grape: Chardonnay
    Country: France
    Type: French Bordeaux Sauternes
    Alc. strength: 13 %
    37,5 cl.
    • 1pcs.