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Synonyme Vin de France is renowned for its versatility and quality. These wines, originating from various regions in France, offer a wide range of taste experiences, from fresh white wines to full-bodied red wines. With a focus on innovation and tradition, Synonyme Vin de France is perfect for everyday enjoyment as well as special occasions. Discover the best of French wine production, where passion and expertise meet in every bottle. Explore Synonyme Vin de France and enjoy an authentic taste of France's rich wine traditions.
  • Synonyme 2022 French Rosé Wine 75 cl 12%
    Item no.: 059763-615-1113
    Synonyme 2022 French Rosé Wine 75 cl 12%

    Synonyme 2022 Rosé is a refreshing wine, perfect for enjoying in good company. Crafted by their winemaker Sébastiana, this wine is a harmonious blend of the freshest and most delicate grape varieties from her vineyard. With notes of red berries and crisp acidity, this rosé is ideal for both spring and summer, making any occasion festive. With an alcohol content of 12% and a volume of 75 cl, Synonyme 2022 Rosé offers an authentic taste of high quality that will delight all wine lovers.

    Winery: Synonyme
    Year: 2022
    Country: France
    Type: Rosé Wine
    Alc. strength: 12 %
    75 cl.
    • 1pcs.